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Memorial Park


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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  3. Basketball Court
  4. Benches
  5. Boat Dock
  6. Community Garden
  7. Off-Leash Dog Park
  8. Parking
  9. Pedestrian Path
  10. Picnic Areas
  11. Picnic Shelters
  12. Playground
  13. Restrooms
  14. Skate Park
  15. Soccer Field
  16. Tennis Court
  17. Volleyball
Memorial Park is the city’s oldest and largest park, acquired by the city in 1969, one year after incorporation. The park contains both active and passive use areas, and includes significant natural areas with an extensive trail system.  Boeckman Creek bisects the park.  Memorial Park also has a half mile of Willamette River frontage with views from the trail system.

The site contains all of the athletic fields owned by the city, which are heavily used by local organizations.  Other active recreation facilities at the park include the city’s only skate park, basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and a sand volleyball court.  Memorial Park is also home to the city’s only off-leash dog area and it's community garden.

The sites two reservable group picnic areas are well used and booked throughout the spring and summer seasons for events such as corporate picnics and private parties.  A centrally located, not reservable picnic shelter is also very popular for ball game gatherings, smaller birthday parties, family events, and other activities. 

The following are prohibited: inflatables (including bounce houses), dunk tanks, water balloons, water slides, egg toss, and open flames (except for barbeque grills).  Barbeque grills may be brought into park facilities but must be gas-powered and must be placed on concrete/asphalt.  Barbeque grills are not provided in Wilsonville parks.


Including Murase Plaza, Memorial Park is 126 acres.


  1. Forest Shelter

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  2. Grove Shelter

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  3. Murase Plaza

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  4. River Shelter

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  5. Splash Shelter

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  6. Stein-Boozier Barn

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