Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program at the Wilsonville Community Center

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You are cordially invited to lunch at the Community Center every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Lunch is served at noon and no reservations are required.

Your first lunch is on us. Just print out this coupon and bring it with you.

In addition to a hot and nutritious lunch, our Nutrition Program Coordinators also arrange lunch time entertainers such as musicians or singing groups from organizations or schools. 
On the third Friday of each month, we throw a great party for everyone with a birthday that month.  A balloon and a goodie bag for the birthday guests of honor, and the traditional Happy Birthday serenade from friends makes each monthly celebration a festive occasion to remember.

Donations are encouraged from regular lunchtime participants.  Recommended (but not required) donations are $3.50 for those 60 and over or $4.25 for those under 60.

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Home Delivered Meals

Do you know a senior or a person with a disability who is home-bound, or is recuperating from an illness, and needs a meal? Our Home Delivered Meal Program provides daily meals throughout the weekdays, to the home-bound senior and persons who are disabled on a regular basis or temporarily during recovery from surgery or illness.  We have a wonderful group of volunteer drivers who do a fantastic job at making the meal delivery. There is no charge for this service but donations are gladly accepted.  Please call 503-682-3727 to arrange for home delivered meal service.


Lori Poorman driver for HDM