Social Services

For Adults 60+ at the Wilsonville Community Center
Our Informational and Referral Specialist provides a variety of information and services to help people to live independently and in their own homes for as long as possible. For example:

Attend Clackamas County monthly information and referral meetings, bimonthly client services meetings to keep abreast of changes in County programs.

To determine level of care needs in order to make informed decisions regarding a person's psychological, medical, and/or social needs.

Caregiver Support
Provide assistance and support and respite opportunities for friends / family members acting as caregivers.

Maintain and update participant medical files.

Case Monitoring
To serve as a personal advocate for seniors and assess their needs while developing a realistic plan of action to meet those needs.

Match clients with local mentors to provide social and emotional support to seniors in their homes and to provide limited respite care.

Bereavement Support
Assist families in time of grief with support and information.

Home Delivered Meals
Our Home Delivered Meal Program provides daily meals throughout the weekdays, to the home-bound senior and persons who are disabled on an ongoing basis or temporarily during recovery from surgery or illness.

Home Health Equipment Loan
Provide and maintain medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) free of charge for loan.

Information and Referral Services
Provide information to families and make appropriate referrals to Clackamas County and other agencies appropriate to the specific need of the client.